Tuesday, 28 August 2012

GlossyBox International Superstars - August

August GlossyBox* - International Superstars

'This month GlossyBox goes Global with hero products from around the world for you to try.'

Alessandro Pro White, £7.85 Germany -  This claims to have a brightening effect on your nails and contain an anti-yellowing formula for radiant and gleaming talons. I'm quite liking this sample and it seems to be doing what it claims, I'm not sure I'd fork out for a full size but I'll definitely use this up.
 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, £18.50, Japan - I was a bit wary about trying this as I'm not too keen on using oil based products on my skin. I liked how effective it was at removing my make-up but I much prefer creams so I'll stick to my NuBo and Liz Earle cleansers.
 Broadway ImPress Nails, £7.99, USA - I really like the idea of these, simply peel off the backing, attach to the nails and you're ready to go. I've not had a chance to try these yet, but I've heard they're good and I quite like the colour I was sent.
 Vera Valenti Eyeshadow Palette, £3.85, Spain - I'm not quite sure what was running through the heads of the GlossyBox team when this was chosen. Is this really the best Spain has to offer? The packaging is cheap, the applicator is awful, the colours are hideous and the quality is even worse.
Lipcote, £3.99, U.K - I already own a bottle of Lipcote else I would of been quite excited to see this product inside my GlossyBox. I'd heard a lot about this so I had high expectations but I didn't find it lived up to the hype for me. On 90% of my lipsticks once I'd applied this they became gloopy and almost separated on my lips, not to mention that it smells awful and is painful to apply. Check out Holly's review, I totally agree with everything she had to say.
GlossyBox Lipstick in Glossy Pink, £9.50, U.K - Eh, where to start. Does no-one else feel a bit let down by this product? I wouldn't consider GlossyBox's own brand a luxury product and I don't think the quality lives up to the price. If I pay £9.50 for a lipstick I'd expect luxury packaging, accompanied by an established brand name. I wasn't impressed with their last offerings, a blush brush if I recall which was awful quality and can't help but think that maybe these are last minute ideas to bump the number of product in the box up?

Overall I was pretty disappointed in this months GlossyBox, I'll use the ImPress nails and Pro White Varnish but I found the unboxing more exciting than the contents.

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  1. seems to be a lot of people complaining about that eyeshadow palette! I've heard august wasn't the best box.. great post anyway, enjoyed reading it! :D


    1. The eyeshadow palette is awful, I wouldn't even give it to a younger relative to play with as it's full of talc and mica x

  2. Sad you hear about the Glossy lipstick and the Lipcote - I had hoped those would be really great products, that's too bad!

    I really, really need your help - I entered a competition and I need to gather some "Likes" on an outfit I compiled - If you visit my blog there are more instructions there! I would SO appreciate your help!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  3. I've read so many posts saying how stupid Glossybox are for creating such an awful box - the eyeshadows look atrocious! x

    1. It wasn't a very exciting box, I loved the HD brows palette in the previous month's but there wasn't really a saviour in this months! x

  4. I'm so on the fence when it comes to Glossybox, I always bring my self to start a subscription but then I see blog posts showing months where people are given rubbish products! :/



  5. you got exactly what i got!! such an amazing box. Think it may have to be the best one so far

  6. I got exactly the same of you and thought the same too, glossybox really need to sort it out! I unfortunately unsubscribed x


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