Friday, 10 August 2012

Benefit Haul

After trialling out the Benefit Skincare Sample Set (review here) I decided to pick up two of my favourite products, the Total Moisture Facial Cream, £26.50 and Refinished Finish Facial Polish, £17.50. These are undoubtedly the most expensive skin care products I've brought as I'm a bit of a stinge when it comes to creams, scrubs and cleansers. I've never really found myself needing a proper routine for my skin and just stuck to face wipes but lately my skin is massively oily, yet dry at the same time and it's driving me mad. That being said I wasn't too fussed about forking out for these two products as I know they work well for me and I'm hoping they help fix my skin issues.
I intend on using the Refined Finish Facial Polish once or twice a week to get rid of any dry patches then using the Total Moisture Facial Cream every other night to make my skin feel plump and soft. I've also recently picked up a few products from Liz Earle and Origins to try out and I'm considering forking out an outrageous £120+ for a Clarasonic. Opinions please? Worth the money?
I also managed to get talked in to buying a few cosmetics whilst at the Benefit counter as well including the Beyond Real Mascara, The Porefessional Primer, High Brow and Speed Brow. Well done sales girl, you did good.

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    1. Go in and ask for a sample, it's really good but I heard it breaks some people out! xx

  2. Jealous.... I love the way the Benefit skincare products are packaged, they look amazing! xo


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