Friday, 28 January 2011

Hair Knowledge

When I first left school I couldn't decide what to do so I went on a year long hairdressing course, it was a while ago but here's a few things I learnt and you might find interesting..

  • Receeding hairlines/hair loss pattern is down to your fathers side of the family, not your mothers. So if your dad has a good head of hair you should too!
  • Using a hairdryer in a downwards motion, especially with a brush will help smooth the hair as it flattens the cuticle making your hair shinier.
  • Cold water closes your cuticle, hot water opens them - so if you have a hair colour you want to wash out quicker, use hot water. If you've just dyed your hair and want to keep it, wash with cold.
  • If you want to strip your hair colour quicker, use head and shouldars!
  • An intensive hair conditioning treatment really does help your hair and help detangle it.
  • Comb when wet, brush when dry!
  • People with greasy hair shouldn't wash every day even though they may feel the need to, it just over stimulates the sebacious glands and produces even more oil. Try applying conditioner only the the ends of your hair and using a dry shampoo in between washing to give your hair a rest!
  • There is no way to really speed up hair growth. Some products may promise you that they can make hair grow quicker butthey can't and you'll probably just end up believing it in because you want it to be true. Hair has a certain point it grows to and then after that it slows down. You may have noticied your hair reaches a certain point quite quickly then seems to grow really slowly. It will get to the length you want eventually, just takes time! However...
  • Massaging your scalp will stimulate the blood circulation and help hair to grow slightly thicker and quicker.
  • Regular trims, heat defence products and resisting the hairdryer and straighteners every now and then will leave you with healthier hair and help prevent split ends.
  • When your looking at hair colours if you don't want red or orange undertones, pick shades that are described as 'neutral' and 'ashy'.

I know the picture has no relevance but I thought it was really cute it's starting to get a bit brighter outside now and this photo makes me feel all summery, I can't wait for warm weather!

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  1. Really interesting post with some great tips!

  2. great tips!.. i really need to start looking after my hair!!> xx

  3. my hairdresser said that about the head and shoulders too and that vosene does the same!

    good tips! x

  4. thanks sooo much for this post, I really enjoyed reading it :) hehe, now I want to start taking more care of my hair now :D


  5. Thanks for those tips! Very helpful!


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