Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Perfect Brow Shade For Brunettes

I've been trying to find the perfect brow combination for years. I had it down a few months ago using an unbranded angled brush that was the perfect thickness and was firm enough to create the perfect shape but not create harsh lines. The perfect brush combined with a dark shade from an Avon quad gave me the perfect brow..

But, like all things good they break, become discontinued or get lost.
In this case, Avon discontinued the eyeshadow quad and replaced it with a terrible quality, barely pigmented replacement and a moment of anger from my youngest brother led to him cutting the hairs off my angled brush.

- Sigh -

As most people reading my blog have guessed I'm incredibly picky, even with my brow products.. I don't want my eyebrows to look too light or too dark, fake, I don't want them to smudge or take too much time plus I hate any products with red or orange undertones. A matte, flat brown with a nice brush is all I ask for.

A lengthy browse around led me to picking up a 266 brush and mac's espresso eyeshadow. The brush is nice but not thick enough for my liking. The eyeshadow however, is the perfect colour - pigmented, flat matte brown that makes my sparse albino brows into well shaped pieces of art.

So, if anyone is as picking as me, brunette and looking for a flat dark brown - here you are ladies, maybe this will shorten the search for you brunettes!

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  1. A great review... would be interesting to see what it's like when it's on! I've never used a product like this before so I shall purchase and 'av a go!

    Katie x


  2. I use a benefit pencil but really want them dark. I have dark hair and blonde eyebrows which is a sick combo in my opinion. Might give this a go.


  3. @Victoria India - You're welcome! x

    @kt_gray_3 - I'll try popping up a 'how i do my brows' post in a few days so you can see what it looks like :) xx

    @Georgia - Haha you're not alone, when I put my foundation on it literally looks as if I have no eyebrows where they're so light and blend in to everything else xxx

  4. I recently picked up a Natural Collection shadow which looks identical to that, and is a cheaper option if you use it a lot like I do :) I'd prefer Mac though ideally!
    I recently did a video on different ways to use it if you're interested! :


    Great post! x


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