Friday, 7 January 2011

New Favourite Lip Combo

As some of you may of seen in my recent post I picked up the Mac Blushcreme in 'LadyBlush' and this has easily become one of my favourite products. It looks gorgeous on the cheeks and after having a little play about with it the other day I discovered that it looks lovely on the lips too!

I never usually steer away from nudes but recently I've noticed that when I reapply my lipstick whilst intoxicated that I get a bit heavy handed and end up in photos looking like I've opted for 'concealer lips'. Yum.

A touch of ladyblush and some of my favourite no.7 high shine gloss give me a really subtle pink lip that flatters the rest of my make up and photographs well too!

8 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. This combination is gorgeous! xx

  2. just thought i'd let you know i love your blog and the way you write and the products you use! xx

  3. that's really pretty, how long do you find it lasts? x

  4. love this colour combination on you. really pretty xx

  5. That combination looks super pretty :) xx

  6. Thanks girls :) xx

    @Sophie - Aww thanks, that means a lot! I love your blog too :) xx

    @Emma - It lasts quite while, a good 4/5 hours on me, far longer than a nude lipstick would! xx

  7. I love Ladyblush for cheeks but have never thought to try it on my lips. I will be trying that out soon. Thanks!


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