Friday, 28 January 2011

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

Bourjois Volumiser Mascara
Price: £10.49

I picked this up a few weeks ago after having a peruse around Boots, the packaging and the fact it was currently on offer instantly had me popping it in my basket. I've never tried a mascara like this with 2 steps to it, other than ones with a primer on one end.
The packaging says..
Step 1 - 'The brush prepared for 3D volume. Guaranteed clump-free'
Step 2- 'The brush transforms to create a spectacular 3D volume'

Step 1 twists off to reveal quite a large brush with just the right amount of product on. It combs through lashes well, seperating and fanning them out and adds length with a bit of volume. It doesn't give you dramatic lashes but it achieves everything I could want in an everyday mascara. The only downside is that the wand is on a very long flimsy bit of plastic with a tiny little lid to hold on to, it doesn't offer you much control when applying the mascara and I found it quite tricky to get the hang of using!

Then comes step 2, which I will just confess now - I hate.
The packaging is a bit misleading, I thought that there were two brushes that combined together when you used step 2 when in reality it's the same brush. When you use step one it pulls the wand up through the thin tube removing the majority of product from the wand. Step 2 is just the wand straight from the bottle.

As you can see the wand is literally drenched with product.
I LIGHTLY swiped this over my lashes and this is the result.. Instant clumpy lashes.

Overall, I'm not impressed. It seems like a nice idea but it just doesn't work. Step 1 offers nicely fanned out lashes but nothing you couldn't achieve with a Maybelline Falsies or Loreal Voluminous, both £2 cheaper.
I will use it up but wouldn't repurchase.

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  1. Same!!! i've had this mascara since it came out and i only use step 1 cuz i HATE i state again HATE step 2! always ruins my makeup nomatter how light handed or angle i apply it at! sooo misleading!
    But i do love step one :) its really natural <3
    much Love Chanel

  2. this is a total rip of mac's haute and naughty! Ergh I hate the last wand x

  3. I've heard so many bad reviews on this product, i will definitely not be buying it! haha, i love step one though, your eyelashes look lovely! x

  4. Oh how disappointing. you're right it defo suggests two brushes. I know to stay clear xx

  5. The second coat is really dissapoint - great review!! x


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