Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I'm sure a lot of you have already heard of Luuux but for those of you that haven't it's like a huge open blog where everyone contributes their piece.
You have different catagories such as fashion, beauty, entertainment etc and the unique thing about it is that you gain points for posting blog reviews, comments or rating others. These points are then added up and can be used in the 'shop'.
After trying it for a few weeks I'm quite enjoying it so thought I would share it with you all!

It is quite daunting looking at how many points you need to accumulate to actually purchase items in the shop, however you can get 500 starter points just for making a profile and if you're posting blog entries and rating you can earn a few hundred points a day :)

For example, I'm now on 1400 points after being on there for a month and that's without going on there every day. I just pop on every now and again when I have free time. Yes it will take a while to earn enough to buy something like a Sigma brush kit (costing around 5,500 points) but when you think all your doing is posting or rating others it's just a nice little reward for blogging :)

Here's my link below and feel free to add me as a friend I'll like and comment on your posts to help you get started off with points if you like!

My Page

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  1. Is it bad that I REALLY don't understand that site? lol! I'll keep trying and hopefully I'll figure out how to follow you soon!

    Katie x


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