Friday, 18 February 2011

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cream Blush

Shade: Ginger
Price: £1.50
Available From: Fragrance Direct

This was another last minute add to the basket while I was shopping on Fragrance Direct a few weeks ago. I love cream blushers, Sally Hansen is a well known brand and for £1.50 even if it turns out to be a disaster of a product you haven't really missed out on much.

On first look the blush looked far darker than I would usually go for and I'd describe the colour as a burnt coral-red. I love my baby pink blushes and don't really opt for anything else, however it made a nice change to try something different. They're well pigmented so you only need a small amount of product and they blend really nicely into the skin. I know some people aren't a fan of cream blushes drying to a powder finish so if you're one of those, steer clear. However, if you liked the Topshop cream blushers they work in the same way so I have no doubt you'd be a fan of these too.

I would repurchase but I'll definately do a bit of research next time and go for a lighter pinky shade as I think they suit my skintone more, ginger would be perfect for anyone nc/nw 30 or above!

3 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. I love that color! I think it might be too dark for me though.


  2. This shade is absolutely beautiful...will pop in to town to get it soon, thanks for sharing!


  3. @Savannah - It is quite a dark almost plummy red/pink, if you use it in very small amounts it works well for lighter skin :) xx

    @Chuui - Your welcome! xx


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