Thursday, 17 February 2011

Make-Up For Mature Skin

I gave my mum a mini makeover earlier so I thought I'd share it with you all, with her permission granted of course! She doesn't like wearing a lot of make-up and likes to keep things minimalistic and simple plus she has sensitive skin, so I only use a handful of products.

Sorry about the small images, I wasn't sure if photobucket is completely private and this is as big as the blog uploader will allow me to make them!

Bourjois Healthy Glow Foundation mixed with a little Revlon PhotoReady, applied very sparingly all over.
Small amount of Maybelline Mineral Concealer under the eyes.
Mac LadyBlush Creme Blush on the cheeks.
Sally Hansen 'Baby Pink' lipstick.
Bourjois eyeshadow pot on the eyes - beige.
Mac Espresso to lightly fill in the brows and a small amount on the top lashline.
Maybelline Colossal Mascara.

My thoughts on make-up for older women:
  • Heavy concealers and foundations only look cakey and settle into fine lines, sheerer more dewy foundations or tinted moisturiser brighten up the skin and even everything out making you appear younger.
  • Cream blush is incredibly flattering as it gives a lovely natural looking flush and highlight. Powder adds to the 'cakey look' you should avoid so try and stick to cream products unless your incredibly oily.
  • As you get older your lips become less voluptuous so a moisturising lipstick will add a nice sheen to lips and make them look plumper while adding some colour to your face and tying the look together.
  • A light colour swept across the lids will open the eye area, if your eyes are small like my mums some definition in the corner will elongate them.
  • Harsh brows aren't as flattering on older women, gently fill in brows where sparse.
Less is more.

Any tips of your own?

3 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. Loved this post! My mom is always asking me to do her make up so the tips are really helpful.
    Your mom is so pretty btw and I really like how the make up looks on her :)

  2. @Juno - Thank you! :) Glad you found them usefull xx

  3. Aww your mum looks beautiful :) now all I've got to do is persuade my mum to do the same thing...hmmm lol!xo


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