Friday, 11 February 2011

Prizes from Vicky at Fashion and Beauty Fix

Yesterday I came home to find a package waiting on the table for me, like most parcels or gifts I recieve the bag was quickly ripped open to reveal the lovely prizes I won from from Vicky at the Fashion and Beauty Fix as part of her New Year Giveaway.
I'd chosen the nail varnish 'Spartan' from Illamasqua as my prize and didn't expect anything else so it was a lovely suprise to find two pairs of vintage style earings, bangles, the limited edition Sleek 'Sparkle' palette and my glittery golden polish along with a lovely little card popped inside.

Many thanks to Vicky!
I love everything and I've already decided a pair of earings, the bangles, a few of the lovely shadows combined with some false lashes and the nail varnish will all be part of my Valentines outfit for Monday! :)

5 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. brilliant prizes!.. Good choice of nail varnish! it looks amazing xx

  2. Glad it all got there in one piece! xoxo

  3. Wow congrats! The nail polish is stunning!


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