Friday, 11 February 2011

Sally Hansen Lipsticks

I recently placed an order on Fragrance Direct, aiming to just buy a bottle of St.Moriz I somehow ended up with a large list of products added to my shopping basket.. Isn't that always the story? haha
If anyone hasn't visited Fragrance Direct before it's a cosmetic/beauty/homeware online store that sells products at a lower price than you would find them in-store. Only problem with the website is that they don't offer reliable swatches and sometimes don't state the names of products so it's a bit hit and miss.

In with my order I added two lipsticks from Sally Hansen, I've heard good things about her nail varnishes, natural beauty foundation and previously used the 'airbrush legs spray' so I thought they were worth a try. The two shades I purchased were 'Sangria' a beautiful deep cherry red and 'Baby Pink' at £1.50 they were a bargain!

I adore these.

They're amazing quality. Highly pigmented, moisturising, lightly scented, easy to apply, nicely packaged, affordable and come in a range of colours. I think the pictures will show them off far better than I could describe them..

Baby Pink


I'm definately going to purchase a few more shades of the Sally Hansen lipsticks and buy a few to include in a giveaway because I love them so much.

What do you think of the colours?

8 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. They're both so pigmented! i love the pink one especially!x

  2. love both the colors!! specially pink. They look so creamy :)

  3. I love the pink! These look great!


  4. Both so not my shade lol But really pigmented! They look moisturizing too

  5. her 18 hour lip treatment is my HG i love SH products !!

  6. I have the one in Sangria and adore the colour!


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