Saturday, 1 January 2011

Rimmels Worst Mascara So Far

Where to start..

The packaging is hideous, it's a really cheap plastic shiny tube - hideous neon green with pink writing. The twist off lid feels really flimsy and the wand is horrible. The shape doesn't look too bad at first I've used curved brushes in the past and usually they make life easier, this however definately doesn't. It's hard to get into the corner and outer lashes without catching all the rest at the same time! Then we have the smell, it's disgusting it just stinks of dirt.

The worst part however is the formula which is incredibly wet and thick, it literally sticks to the wand leaving far too much on the brush. I've tried dabbing some off onto a tissue, applying it incredibly slowly and soft, wiggling through the lashes - nothing works. You will just end up with a handful of thick, gloopy, clumped lashes.

For once I really do have nothing positive to say I would happily bin this if it wasn't a present, it will stay in my make up draw for a long long time until I rediscover it in a few years and whack in the rubbish bin.

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  1. ooo i was gonna pick this up...but this is second review ive seen that says its bad so think i will miss this one!! thanks

  2. I have this and have to agree, it pretty awful!

  3. I hate the packaging, it looks really tacky, I won't be trying this mascara xx

  4. @Steph xox - It's the worst mascara I've ever used definately don't waste your money on it lol xx

    @Charlotte - I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like this, I thought afterwards I might of been a bit harsh haha xx

    @Tara - The packaging is hideous, after carefully collecting a beautifully packaged foundation, powder, blush, bronzer I definately don't want to whip this out of my bag! xx

  5. eeek. Never a nice thing to hear about a brand that enerally make some good products. but i suppose you can win everything. Wont be picking this up next time im in need of a mascara. xx

  6. I don't really trust rimmel mascara, thanks for this review!

  7. I used to have the Glam'Eyes one from Rimmel and didn't like it at all.. looks like mascara's aren't their forte!

  8. Mascara's should be left alone when it comes to Rimmel! Ugh!

    Katie x

  9. When I buy a mascara that turns out to be too wet and thick, I use it just to define the ends of lashes after applying a decent mascara.
    It works best on a dry base, so it's ideal for taking you from daytime to night when you're in a rush :) xx


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