Friday, 1 July 2011

Caudalie 'Spa In A Bag'

If you haven't heard of the Caudalie before, it's a company founded by Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas who grew up in France where they met Professor Vercauterenhe. He informed them that the vineyard owned by their family was an unlimited source of natural ingredients that have anti-aging properties, vitamins and everything you could want for your skin. All products they produce are free of mineral oils, parabens, artifical colourings, sodium sulphates and are inspired by the vines that grow in their vineyard.

I was luckily enough to be sent a limited edition 'The Body Of Your Dreams - Spa In A Bag' which includes three products that should be used alongside each other for noticeable results.

First, the exfoliating Cabernet Scrub buffs your skin to perfection.
Then the Contouring Concentrate helps to slim down the body and reduce cellulite.
And finally, drain toxins from the body with the Organic Herbal Tea.

Crushed Cabernet Scrub - £21.50
I really enjoyed using the scrub, on first glance I thought the packaging was lovely - simplistic and cute to pop on the side in the bathroom although the amount for the price was slightly underwhelming. However, as I realised on first use you only need the tiniest amount as it has quite a thick consistency and on contact with water becomes an almost milky, creamy wash. This is, as it states, a strong exfoliation - which I adore. Especially as a fake tanner I want it to be packed with beads and to feel like it's actually working on my skin. I'm also aware that 'body brushing/massaging' etc is good for your circulation so I felt like I was doing some good giving my skin an intense scrub. The only slight downside for me is the smell as it's quite potent and I almost want to say it smells of ginger, but apart from that it's a lovely product.

Draining Herbal Teas - £10.00
I've never really strayed from your average English Breakfast Tea so these made a refreshing change. I tried these both hot, with a few sugars (I know - naughty and defeating the purpose) and with cold water, ice and a slice of lemon. I quite liked the flavours even though they're very subtle, I could defiantly taste a bit of cinnamon though! I'm not sure if these contributed to any weight loss and I probably wouldn't re-purchase purely because I'm not really one for fruity teas but if you are, these may be one to try!

Contouring Concentrate - £25.50
I'd never before tried a body oil before as I thought it would result in quite a greasy film being left on the skin. The Contouring Concentrate has little markings on the side of the bottle to show how much should be used per day. I applied this as soon as I'd jumped out the shower and left it over night and in the morning my skin felt silky smooth and soft. I did find this had quite a strong smell of ginger as well but nothing too unbearable! I've seen an improvement in how the top of my legs look and my stomach looks smoother now. (Not that I really had any cellulite before, I'm only 20!)

Overall I really enjoyed the scrub and the body oil, although both are quite pricey. If you're looking to try any of the products listed above it's definately worth getting a Spa In A Bag as they're £39.00 (£18 saving).

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