Tuesday, 5 July 2011

St.Moriz Dark

Most of you will need no introduction to St.Moriz. After making its rounds on beauty blogs and YouTube, St.Moriz has become an almost cult product that most people use on a continuous basis or have tried at least once!
After the regular St.Moriz got so hyped up, sales must of rocketed and soon after a few more products were added to the line, including St.Moriz Dark, St.Moriz Lotion, bronzers and a tanning mitt. All products are very affordable, as well as being great quality which is primarily the reason they're so successful. I purchase my St.Moriz either from fragrance direct or in my local Savers.

As you can see from the photo above the St.Moriz Dark version is a good few shades darker than the original. I find that the result I get from the Dark version is the same as two applications of the original which is why I choose to opt for this version.
Scent: On first application the smell reminds me of baby products, slightly flowery, old women's perfume vibe. It's not my favourite scent in the world but certainly not offensive and it's unnoticeable to others. In the morning I usually find there is a faint whiff of DHA but with a quick slather of body lotion and a body spray it'll be undetectable.
Application: Being a mousse formula application is incredibly easy and quick. I always use a tanning mitt to eliminate the chance of mistakes.
Price: £2.99 for 200ml
Suitable for pale skin: Yes, hopefully I am proof of that! Doesn't have any orange hue that I have experienced with other, more expensive tanners.

ALL products have their flaws, so there are a few negatives such as how long the mousse takes to try, it feels quite sticky in the process so you can't get dressed too quickly. The bottle leaks slightly every time I shake it, the formula is quite drying on your skin and it only lasts 4 days for me before fading.

Why I continue to use it?
The colour on the first few days before it begins to fade is gorgeous, even on my white as snow skin it shows up as a deep, olive brown.
The price. At £2.99 a bottle it's a bargain & it can fit into every ones budget, I love that the company hasn't raised their prices after their recent success.
No other self tanners have left me satisfied enough to pay out £20/30 on a bottle, when I could just buy this product instead.
Application is incredibly easy and quick.
It's easily available in a few of my local shops.

As you can see from the photo above, mid tanning, I'm very fair skinned and there is a HUGE difference after I've applied St.Moriz. The colour is a gorgeous, deep brown - not a hint of an orange hue.

What are your thoughts on St.Moriz?

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  1. I love St. Moriz dark! It's a bit intimidating buying a dark fake tan, but to be honest the regular stuff barely makes a difference to my skin. Glad I swapped to dark :)

  2. I love St. Moriz but the foam is a bit too drying for my skin. I'd like to try the lotion as I reckon it's suit my skin the best xo

  3. I use the regular st.moriz but I think next time im going to look out for the dark one xx

  4. I love St. Moriz! A lot of people I know 'in real life' love it too and it's basically what everyone I know uses haha! It's just so cheap and does such a great job. I think I'll have to try the dark one and maybe even the lotion as I do find it to be quite drying the day after. Great review xx

  5. Wow, it looks totally amazing on you! Wish I could get hold of it here in Canada ):

  6. i have been using this for months, it is amazing! xx

  7. @G A B Y - Aww, can you not get it online? xx

    @Abbie - Thank You! :) I haven't tried the lotion but I've heard it's more moisturising. xx

  8. Omg, that's good (st. moritz.) But unfortunately we don't have it here where I live. Too bad, better than any I've tried.

  9. This was so helpful I use st moriz daily when I don't have a natural tan and always find myself having to put a few more layers to get the effect I want, must try this out x


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