Monday, 25 July 2011

TanTruth Self Tan Lotion

Tan Truth Self Tan Lotion with Colour Guide

When I was sent this product a few weeks back I didn't recognize the name on the label, on the bottle it notes that it's 'sold exclusively in spa's and salons' which could be why, although I've been able to find it online since. Although to me the bottle isn't the most attractive, the product inside is what had me excited - as you can see from the photo above the lotion is a very deep, dark shade of brown.

Like all tanning products I applied this with a tanning mitt, I find this gives you the best chance of waking up with an even, streak free tan and avoiding orange palms! I did find this slightly more effort to apply than my usual St.Moriz mousse but all lotions take a little more time to blend completely in the skin. The scent is quite difficult and I couldn't exactly put my finger on what it reminds me of, although it does smell slightly like shampoo.

The two things that have me really excited to do this review is the colour you end up with - this offers quite a dark tan. I'm extremely pale so some tanning products can result in a slightly orange tinge where as this gives you a realistic 'I'm a Brazilian babe like the girls on the St.Tropez ad' tan. I found this to last a good 5 days, wearing off and needing a good exfoliation by day 6 or 7.
The second thing that had me excited was the price, on first glance I assumed the price would be in the £25-£30 price range. The real price? £7.99 for 200ml.

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Would I use this product again? Yup! I'm going to order their tan maintainer and exfoliator at some point and see how they work as well.

The Ingredients

Jojoba Seed Oil - Cleans blocked pores and restores skins natural PH balance.Natural moisturiser.Rich in proteins.Softens skin.Balances sebum levels in skin therefore preventing oiliness.
Shea Butter - Nourishes and softens skin with vitamins A, E and F. Penetrates the skin without clogging the skin and helps restore elasticity.
Avocado Oil - Rich in vitamins A, D and E. Ideal for de-hydrated skin. Easily absorbed and relieves skin dryness. Keeps skin moist, supple and smooth.

Have you girls heard of TanTruth?

11 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. This looks really good, I'm really pale too but this looks like it gives a good colour xx

  2. Ooh this looks such a lush colour! Where do you buy your St Moriz from? xx

  3. I've heard of this and seen it before...I'm nearly sure you can buy this in Sallys!

  4. this looks good, i want to try it!

  5. I love this stuff, I first found out about it at college as it was the brand we used there. You can buy it in huge bottles from Sally's and if you are in the beauty trade you get quite a hefty discount on it too! Great review x

  6. Thanks for this blog I am just in the middle of deciding whether to buy some more St.Moriz or try something different. Looks well thou may need to try this one out. Jessica I've just been looking @ St.moriz on fragrance direct think it was £2.99 a bottle on there.

  7. @Jessica - Fragrance Direct :) x

  8. I have seen this in Sallys and wondered what it was like. I have a card so will get it cheaper.

  9. which one do you prefer? This one or St Moriz?x

  10. Self-tanning lotion can help you achieve bronzed skin without ever seeing the sun's rays. Since the sun and tanning beds are responsible for a range of issues, such as premature aging, sunspots and skin cancer, self-tanning lotion is the safest way to achieve a tan. Thanks a lot.

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  11. just got these products, my tantruth is an dark green color which is a bit different then yours but I'm excited to try it out


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