Wednesday, 20 July 2011

NYX Round Lipstick Swatches

I recently purchased two NYX Round Lipsticks from Cherry Culture, they ended up being £2.00 each which is a COMPLETE bargain!
The lipsticks themselves are pigmented, creamy, smooth and glide onto the lips, aswell as being extremely moisturising. As they're hydrating and glossy they have quite a bit of slip so expect some transfer but apart from that they're relatively long lasting and great for the price!

18 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. is fig the pink one? it looks lovely, all the swatches i see online of nyx look shimmery but i'll have a second look now you've posted these! x

  2. :O They are gorgeous! Especially Fig! x

  3. Both look gorgeous! Really must get myself some NYX at some stage - can't believe I only own one product when they're so well loved!

  4. I love round lipsticks, they are so creamy! I have fig and it's gorgeous x

  5. @Emma - Yup, Fig is the pink, Eros is the red. That's what I was worried about when I was ordering, I hate shimmer or frost in lipsticks! x

    @Karolina - :) They're lovely colours! x

    @Beauty's Bad Habit - They're definately worth looing at, I got two of their cream blushers and their concealer jar as well and I love them all :) x

  6. @Amy - I was suprised at how creamy they are considering the price! x

  7. They have a gorgeous finish, I hate matte lips but they are soft and creamy :) £2 is a massive bargain!!

    xxx Kat

  8. I love the pink one! I've never tried NYX lipsticks, or anything by them actually!

    Gem x

  9. They both look gorgeous on you. I adore using NYX lipsticks.

  10. The pink one is gorgeous!! Makes me want to buy some lipsticks! xx

  11. The pink ones looks so good - I really need to get my hands on them! Lol x

  12. Oh wow, I love Fig. Looks like a lovely daytime lip colour xx

  13. wow super kisseable lips!!! *_*
    love also the color!
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  14. wow those colours look amazing on you!! love them!xx

  15. They look absolutely gorgeous! I've had my eye on Fig for a while and the red (does it say Eros?) looks divine! x

  16. @HelloKittyx94 - They're amazing quality for the price! :) xx

    @Gem - Their products are definately worth checking out I have a Jumbo Pencil, Cream Blush and Concealer Jar as well and they're all fab! xx

    @StealMyHeartLove - Thank You :) I'm glad you like them too! x

    @Jessica - I'm glad you like it, it's such a pretty colour :) xx

    @Leticia - Thank You :) xx

  17. @Abi - They're lovely products :) xx

    @Sarah, Sequin This - I wear it applied lightly during the day and it's a gorgeous girly colour! xx

    @Syrious - Thanks for becoming a follower, I'll be sure to go have a look at your blog :) xx

    @A Girl And A Beauty Blog - Thank You :) xx

    @Vicky - Yup, the red is 'Eros' :) xx


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