Monday, 18 July 2011

NYX Jumbo Pencil in 'Milk'

Price: £4.95
Available from:
Also in 27 other colours.

I've had my eye on the NYX Jumbo Pencils for a while and finally got around to picking one up in the shade Milk - a bright white. Aswell as being incredibly pigmented it's also creamy, and easy to blend although you do have to warm it up a little. I've found my main uses for the Jumbo Pencil is either on the waterline to open up the eyes (this lasts much longer in the eyes than other white eyeliners I've tried) or, as a base for eyeshadow, once I've applied this underneath they don't move all day! I definately want to pick up some other colours next time I place a NYX order.

Top - Using 'Milk' As A Base
Bottom - Eyeshadow Alone

What do you think of the NYX Jumbo Pencils?

8 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. They look really fab! I've never tried using white eyeliner but I have quite small eyes so will definitely be trying this in future :) thanks for the tip xx

    half the world away.

  2. you know you can get them for £3.00 from x

  3. Love the 'Milk' pencil! It's fantastic for bright, matte shades. I personally prefer sticky bases like Fyrinnae 'Pixie Epoxy' or Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue' for neutral/ shimmery shades. Got my eye on 'Oyster' at the moment :)

  4. I love mink its my favourite out of all the jumbo pencils, although I do like iced mocha and cottage cheese.

  5. I want this! I have Yogurt and I love it.


  6. Wow, it really enhances the colour of the eyeshadow!

    I love using my Benefit Eye Bright in the waterline, this looks like maybe a cheaper alternative when it runs out :)

    xxx Kat

  7. Defo going to purcahse this!! I love NYX stuff!

  8. Oooo, I've never seen the jumpo pencils from NYX before (I think I may have actually been living under a rock!!) - this is lovely!

    Katie x


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