Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mini Blog Sale :)

I'm not sure if any of these will interest you all but feel free to have a browse!
Payment via paypal.
Delivery will be added on to prices but shouldn't be too expensive, few pound in most cases.
Leave me a comment if anything catches your eye with what you want. :)
Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC30SOLD
Used 2 pumps. Too dark :(
Mac Blush in 'Pink Swoon'SOLD
Used only a few times.

11 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. If they are still for sale can I maybe buy the Mac Blush and foundation? Also how dark is the foundation? Would you say it's okay for fairish skin tones?

    Jenn xx

  2. I want the mac foundation but I'm not sure if it would be too dark for me :/ x

  3. heya hun! id love to take the mac foundation and blush off your hands if thats okay!! let me know your details so i can transfer the money and give you my address =) xx

  4. @Jenn - The foundation is quite dark, in real life it's a shade or two darker than the photo I think the flash washes it out a bit, let me know if you're still interested of just want the blush. :) x

    @Leigh - It is quite dark, the mac assistants are rubbish at colour matching lol x

    @*StarsGlitterMagic* - It came up on my e-mail that Jenn posted first so I'll see if she wants them both and if not then you can definately have them! Thanks for commenting x

  5. & having weighed the items postage would be £2.50 for First Class for the blush and foundation together as I'll have to post them in a box :) will post once payment has cleared x

  6. Yeah if its okay i'll take them both, if the foundation is too dark I can always mix with a lighter one :) so let me know about payment and stuff and i'll get the money transferred :) xx

  7. Thats it all transfered :) I'm looking forward to my package in the post now! Thanks so much xxx

  8. @Jenn - Thanks very much, I'll send it out on Monday when my post office is open so you'll get it in a few days! :) xx

  9. Love your blog, its great and amazing blog sale xx

  10. What a great sale, I was just thinking of getting the MAC foundation and then i see the sold button lol oh well next time maybe

  11. @Nicola-x - Aww thanks! Means a lot :) x

    @Audrey - Ahh sorry, I didn't think people would even be interested in any of my blog sale bits! x


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