Friday, 20 August 2010

Spend Vs. Splurge: Body Butters

Body Shop Body Butter in Almond.
'With Almond Oil to moisturise. Normal/Dry Skin'
Comes in a variety of scents.
£12.50 for a 250ml tub.
Thicker consistency than most moisturisers but melts into skin when rubbed in.
Ever so slightly greasy finish.
Makes skin amazingly soft and supple!
Easily found worldworld, available online.
Offers allow you to buy 2 for £15 with a saving of £10

Superdrug Coca Butter Body Butter

'Created with lucious natural cocoa butter, renowned for its skin conditioning benefits'
Less scents available but still enough variety to cater for everyone.
£3.65 for 200ml.
Quite thick in consistency but rubs into skin easily.
Doesn't leave a greasy finish. Dries quickly.
The scent lingers.
Amazing also but not as moisturising as Body Shop Butters.

All in all there's not a lot of difference between the two apart from the price tag. If you're on a budget then without a doubt pop down to Superdrug and get yourself one of their own brand Body Butters but if you've got the cash to spare nothing can beat the Body Shops Body Butters!

4 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. oooo nice review, I've tried loads of the body shop ones but being in the recession I may be tempted by the superdrug ones now! becky xo

  2. I adore the Body Shop Body Butters and I have loads, I really want to try the Superdrug ones now :) xoxo

  3. @beckiangel44 - I love the body shop butters I think I'd probably chose that over the Superdrug ones but they're still pretty good for the price!

    @Ellie - Yeh definately give them a go!

  4. I've never seen the Superdrug ones! I can tell my recent purchase of a 50ml Body Shop body butter isn't going to last very long, I'll check these out :) xxx


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