Friday, 20 August 2010

most used brushes

These are the tools that I use everyday to apply my make-up.. they're looking a bit worse for wear as I was a bit lazy and didn't wash them haha but you get the idea!

Revlon Blush Brush; reallllly super soft brush!

Model Co Eyeliner Brush; bits pants needs replacing.

Powder Brush; when everyone went through the 'Lauren Luke' youtube phase I brought a brush set from her and this is the only one I've managed to keep hold of. Really soft and distributes powder evenly.

Mac 130; Apart from the painful £27.50 price tag this brush is my favourite and does everything from cream to liquid foundation, cream blush and concealor.

Bourjous Kabuki Brush; Lots of people don't like this but it was only £5 mine's pretty soft and the hairs are really densely packed so it's perfect for blending out blush or applying a highlight sheerly over it.

Sponge; Pretty straightforward! I still love sponges to apply foundation.

Andddd an old mascara wand I washed clean and use to tame the brows.

What do you guys use.. ???

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  1. Great brushes :)

    I use similar ones too xoxo


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