Monday, 23 August 2010

Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Make-Up

I was having a little browse round some shops the other day and this caught my eye.. I had a little play about with the tester bottle and was amazed that it came out white and then changed colour (I know, simple things please simple minds) but I brought it anyway.

The packaging reads: 'Covers imperfections and evens skin's appearance. Patented ingrediants made with innotive micro-color beads adjust to you exact skin tone upon application. To Use: Apply with fingertips and blend until white formula transforms to match your exact skin tone.'

It only comes in 4 shades and retails for £9.99 for 30ml, the bottle is a squeezy tube with a twist cap which is a terrible idea. I hate whoever thought of the packaging because they obviously didn't test it out. The product itself is very runny and the tiniest squeeze forces it out all over the bottle, it leaks and never stays clean so this is definately a no no for just chucking in your bag.

On a positive note it comes out white with little beads through it and when rubbed in changes colour which
does match my skintone when I have on fake tan and without it. So therefore I'm convinced it does what it says on the tube. The finish is really light and radiant but not recommended for anyone who is looking for medium to full converage because you wont get it with this. For anyone that prefers a sheer coverage and when your having a 'I dont want to really wear make-up' day this is ideal as its nice and light and fresh on the skin. I think I probably would re-purchase although I don't think this is a necessity just something nice to chuck on if you don't want a heavy foundation. It also has an SPF of 15 which is always a plus and you can go straight ahead and use your fingers I wouldn't suggest a brush unless you mix it up on your hand first :)

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  1. Cool :) This is a great post because I've always wondered about the color changing makeup but never tried it! xo

  2. oh this looks lovely!:)xxx

  3. it looks really good! i to hate packaging like that! i like to be able to throw my makeup in my bag if needed x

  4. great blog !!! new follower hope you can follow

  5. @Jessica - Simple stuff like colour changing make-up always amazes me lol definately try it out! I'll go check out your blog! xx

    @Irene - It's really lovely! x

    @Kelly - The packaging is so horrible it's really filmsy. Such a shame because the product itself is nice! x

    @Curves ahead makeup - Aww thanks, definately will go check yours out! x


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