Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Benefit Hoola Bronzer: Warm Up Your Face For Winter

Even though I hate to think about winter already, here in England it's gradually getting colder and I'm pretty sure the Summer is done with.
I absolutely hate Winter.

I could rant for ages about the things that drive me crazy about cold English winters and how gritters seem to be non-exsistant where I live.. especially on hills. But, this is a post about bronzer. The closest anyone English will get to 'tan skin' now is with a bronzer unless they're investing in supplies of fake tan or are lucky enough to get away!

I love Benefit packaging, as I think everyone does! The bronzer comes in a cute box with a nice little brush and a pretty design on the outside. I've never had problems with the lid coming off in my bag and find the packaging to be nice and secure. Only downside is if you leave it in your bag and it rains it will end up tattered and peeling like mine!

Hoola is a completely matte bronzer which makes it suitable for contouring, adding a bit of colour all over the face or even using as an eyeshadow.
As you can see from the swatch Hoola comes out as a true brown shade with no noticeable red or orange undertones and would work for a variety of skin tones.

The product itself is very pigmented so a little goes a long way and this will last you aggges!

Benefit's Hoola retails for around £23.50 which I personally think is overpriced for just a bronzer but if you have the cash to spare and have wanted a matte true brown bronzer then I'd definately go pick one up!

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  1. Ive always been scared of this bronzer...I love that its matte but it looks so dark. Any tips for getting a lighter coverage?

  2. @FunnyFaceBeauty - I always use a really fluffy big powder brush never a small dense brush.. swirl it in the bronzer, then swirl it in the empty lid to get off any excess.. I hate the look of too much bronzer and powdery skin so I only apply it with a light hand and then layer it up if i feel it's not dark enough :)

  3. This bronzer has been in my wish list for ages! I think its time has arrive!
    What do you think about using it for contouring? Would you recommend it?Thanks!!


  4. oh how I want this bronzer...I just purchased the mememe bronser but its full of glitter pretty but just not benefit! x

  5. @Andrea - It contours pretty well! It might be worth looking into Harmony from Mac and then Hoola from Benefit, maybe swatch them both on your hand if you have counters near you and have a look in natural light because I've heard that's just as good.. and cheaper! x

    @Kelly - I was having a look at the mememe bronzer today! It looks so pretty I might get it to put over my hoola lol x

  6. I freaking love that bronzer! You should check out my giveaway, I have a Too Faced bronzing palette up for grabs :)

    xx, Mary


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