Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mascara Overview

Elite Mascara
Available in Superdrug
Odd wand, the bristles spiral round and look like a corkscrew opener instead of a normal brush!
Lengthens Lashes
Seperates Well
Doesn't add alot of volume!
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
Massive wand that covers every little hair.

Attractive packaging
Lovely formula, seperates, lengthens and add volume.
Can be built up.
Bourjous Elastic Mascara
Rubber wand with very short bristles.
Very strange handle, bit flimsy!
Formula is very, very wet so lashes clump up very easily unless you are extremely careful with aplication!
Added a little length but didn't give me any thickness or seperate well.

Max Factor False Lash Effect
Big rubber wand with short bristles.
Nice formulation, covers lashes well and seperates.
Adds lengths but not enough volume!

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara
Hideous packaging.
Strange wavey wand that takes a bit of practise!
Seperates well, adds length and volume but dries out quite quickly.
Feels a tiny bit dry.
Applying in stages works well.

Rimmel Maxi Volume Flash Mascara
Tacky packaging unless you love pink
Nice chunky wand with lots of bristles.
Formula is very wet so leaving it to dry up slightly for a few weeks helps.
Adds a lot of length, seperates well and adds volume.
Crispy lashes. :(

What's your favourite mascara?

6 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. At the moment I'm using Maybelline Collosal Mascara and I'm really happy with it.
    I've found a very cheap drugstore one (about 3 euros) that does wonders, it's by Essence but I don't remember its name...something like Lash Mania...

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  2. My favorite is the "Volume Lash Millionaire" from L'Oreal :)
    It adds a lot of length, separates well and can be added on in layers - but the first layer can't be too dry, that doesn't work very well.

    - Sarah :)

  3. My favourite is Chanel Inimitable Intense but it's a bit pricey to keep buying so I'm on the look-out for a cheaper one! I'm torn between Max Factor 2000 calorie and L'Oreal Volume Millions, oh what to do, what to do :)

  4. My favourite is L'oreal telescopic. I used to have and love 2000 calorie. I might actually try it out again since I am running out of telescopic now :) Thanks for the helpful review !
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    - beth x

  5. bag gal by benefit is by far my favorite =) been using it for years! the blue is really pretty too xx

  6. I love my false lash effect mascara from max factor! Someone in the hairdressers actually asked me if i had fake eyelashes when wearing this, I was like nope! x


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