Sunday, 19 September 2010

Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation

Maybelline are doing pretty well as a 'low end' brand, they hold their own against quite a few of the high end names and I'm a big fan of a few of their foundations (such as this one, the Pure Liquid Minerals and I've heard good things about their Satin Dream Liquid Foundation also) and their mascaras.

Price: £7.99 for 14 grams.

As you can see I've repurchased quite a few times and have this in (left to right) Nude, F
awn and Sun Beige.

The packagings a bit of a let down, it has a screw top lid that I have several times jammed into the product instead of screwing on, the plastic lid flips open to conceal a miserable looking flimsy sponge but that is the only major downside and what else can you expect for £7.99!

The foundation itself is a solid formula but on contact with skin it turns into a creamy liqu
id consistency. This product is mainly aimed at those with dry skin and is described as a 'ultra smooth and hydrating foundation' which I would definately agree with. It offers up a medium coverage which is buildable or can be sheered out using a light hand and creates the most beautiful dewy finish. No need for highlighters or pearlescent primers, this will leave you glowy and fresh faced.

Even though I have oily skin :( I refuse to give this up, it lasts quite well on my skin and I don't even mind the occassional touching up that might be required with my skin type purely for the dewy finish!

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  1. I really want to try this. I use Dream Matte Mousse but Dream Creamy would be a better choice as I have dry skin. I'll definitely have a look at it next time im in Boots :)

  2. I have never like maybelline but I may have to give it another go.


  3. this is the best foundation ive everrrr tried. its a perfect colour match, and i have reallyyy dry skin, so its perfect :D xxx

  4. @Caz - If you have dry skin it would be perfect for you especially if you like dewy finishes and if not a it of powder and your matte! x

    @Georgia - This one's definately worth a try I never liked Maybellines older foundation like the Silky Stay or Dream Matte they're rubbish but they've found a winner with this one x

    @Leigh - I'm glad someone else loves it too! x


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