Sunday, 12 September 2010

Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation Review

It really pains me to write this review as I've been lusting after Chanel Pro Lumiere for ages after watching the PixiWoo videos and buying into the hype. I envisaged a slightly thick formula that would give me medium to full coverage, buildable, with a beautiful dewy sheen and that I would instantly fall in love.

However, that wasn't the case.

Starting with the positivies...
Chanel packaging is simple yet attractive and makes you feel like
you've treated yourself to a luxurious product.
It has a pump so you can control the amount of foundation you us
It smells lovely!

Now on to the bad..
A bottle of Pro Lumiere will set you back £31.00 for 30ml, expensive if it becomes your regular HG foundation hey? That would be if you could even find a colour
that suits your skin type
as is only comes in 6 shades.

Now, I tried this out for two days.
First day I applied this , set with Mineralize SkinFinish, worked for 4 hours, came home and it looked terrible.

I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and today spent a good amount of time pressing it into my skin, stippling and buffing.. I intended not to set it with a powder to let the true properties of the foundation show however I don't see how anyone could leave the house without powder as it leaves a tacky feeling to your skin, transfers easily
and leaves you with a greasy sheen. and that's only ten minutes after applying!

On both days after a 4/5 hour shift I looked in the mirror and completely regretted trying it out. I found it to have a light to medum coverage, alone it's not able to cover freckles or imperfections properly, be slightly difficult to blend properly (which I've never experianced with a foundation before) and even when i had applied powder all over it looked cakey, gathered around the nose and in fine lines I didn't even know I had, and just highlighted any undereye circles! After a few hours of wear it had completely disappeared from my nose, forehead and around my chin.
By the end of the day I looked a mess. A big cakey mess.
I also found it to photograph horribly, you don't appear 'radiant and dewy' but instead a big greasy mess. It's quite possibly the worst and most unflattering foundation I've ever used.
I do have oily skin but even Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation which is targeted at people with dry skin and retails for only £8 gives me a lovely dewy finish that lasts me a good 6 hours.

Disappointed to say the least.

Have any of you girls tried this?
I am going to keep hold of my other sample bottle and pop that in with my giveaway, maybe the winner of the 50 followers contest will have better luck with it!!

5 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. Sorry in advance for the horrible pictures!!!!

  2. that's really sad :( you spent so much on it! hmm, i wonder how pixiwoo manage to use it? and did a MUA try it on you beforehand? xxx

  3. Oh.. That really IS horrible.. And for that price too! Very surprising.. I had the same effect when I used the Elf All Over Cover Stick but that was just $1 >_<

  4. That really sucks. I was thinking of trying the matte version of this product but I think I will stick to my regular drugstore foundation. Thanks for the review. Can you take it back??

  5. You should've tried mat lumiere, which is more for people with oily skin, I love it. x


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