Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mini Haul!

I've been trying to save my money lately and be sensible.. but every girl deserves a few treats every now and then!
So I picked up..

Calvin Klien Infinate Matte Oil-Free Foundation in '212 Wheat'
Hawaiian Tropic Island Radiance Self Tanning Creme
Trusty St.Moriz Bronzing Mousse

And I finally gave in and got myself a Blackberry Curve!
I'm such a newbie with the keypad and type ridicuously slow at the moment haha

Have any of you girlies picked up anything new lately?

8 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. i have this fake tan! haha, the hawaain tropic one. please say you picked it up in the £shop :D have to say for a squid it's not bad at all, really moisterising :) xxx

  2. I wish I could find fake tan that I feel confident in. I get spray tans and always feel like everyone is looking at me going "omvg have you seen the state of that orange tramp". Which to be fair they probably are.... :p

    I have a blackberry. I hate it. I live for the day my contract ends so I can get an Iphone and have a cath kidston case :p


  3. @Lulu - I tried hunting it down in the pound shop but couldn't find it so £3 from Ebay! I've already squirted a tester bit on my mums pasty white leg haha x

    @Georgia's simplyprettythings - Same here! I always wonder if people think it's too dark or looks awful. I'm always looking for new miracle fake tans maybe one day hopefully they'll make the perfect one!

    Ahh really? I might have been suckered in by it's cute appearance! My friend has the new Iphone and loves it! x

  4. ''I've been trying to save my money lately and be sensible'' and you buy a blackberry! haha! i really want one, just for the internet ;) xxxxx

  5. hehe lovely haul!i've been having loads of trouble lately with saving money,too many temptations!and ohh blackberry curve hehe,my brother has that although sometimes it goes missing hehe..;)

  6. oo :) never heard of those two tanning brands before! i understand with the slow typing.. when i'm typing on my friends blackberry i always tell them it's so hard to type on and they think i'm nuts!

    Monica xx

  7. Calvin Klein is a great Product. :)


  8. oh i've tagged you btw for three awards:)


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