Friday, 10 September 2010

Feline Flicks with Loreal Super Liner

I love liquid liner and wear it on a daily basis, my eyes look quite small without it so a lovely little feline flick elongates them and adds a bit of drama to my make-up.

Anyone new to liquid liner might find drawing a straight line or getting it right next to the lashes a bit of a challenge so for beginners or experianced eyeliner lovers I'd suggest.. Loreal Super Liner.

It retails for around £5 so it's completely affordable and the packaging is nice and sleek.
The tip of the brush is long, fine and flexible so it bends as you run it along your lashline making it pretty difficult to go wrong with.

The wand allows you to draw a nice thin line or if you turn it over then you can easily achieve a thicker line.
It dries to a lovely glossy finish that just generally looks far better than a completely ma
tte black, more forgiving if you do manage to bodge the line!
And if you do make a mistake a cotton bud and warm water will easily correct your mistake!

The only downside I've found is that after a few hours of wear if you do happen to forget your wearing it and rub your eye it smudges slightly and rubs some of it off. Not good. However it's small enough to chuck in your bag and have a quick touch up.

Apart from that it's affordable, has a great applicator tip, glossy finish and can be found at Superdrug and Boots!

6 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. oh wow!i used to love liquid liner but found it annoying when it always got everywhere..:/,
    i now usually use gel liner but i might have to look at this!:)

  2. i wasn't going to buy this until i saw your post! i've been trying to persuade myself i don't need it! xxx

  3. I cannot use liquid liner, i have a shaky hand :/ But this brush looks quite small so I might try it :)

  4. @Irene - I've never tried using gel I might go pick one up and see how it compares! :) x

    @Sophie - It's amazing, one the of the best liquid liners out there it has a great applicator xx

    @Katie - Yeah, definately give it a try it's so much easier to effortlessly draw a line with this one! xx

  5. I own this and love it, I got mine free with a gift last christmas and it was the colour silver/black and I still love it to this day. I think it must have been a limited edition because I have tried re-purchasing it but no luck :( x


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