Friday, 10 September 2010

Chanel Pro Lumiere

I had a little look around in Debenhams yesterday and got a few samples from the Chanel counter. I've been wanting to try Chanel Pro Lumiere for a while after seeing PixiWoo and Tanya Burrs videos on Youtube but I didn't want to pay out £28.00 on a foundation I might not like.

The lovely lady at Chanel gave me two little sample testers of Pro Lumiere in 20 - Clair and a little tube of the Sublimage Eye Cream aswell which so far I think is lovely!

I've only popped a bit of the foundation on to my hand at the moment so once I've tried and tested it properly and have come to the decision of whether to purchase a full size or not I'll post a proper review...

Have any of you guys tried Chanel Pro Lumiere.. ? Though

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  1. This sounds nice. I am desperately checking out makeup atm as I want a new day to day wear collection.

    I only have about £100 to spend and I need foundation, powder if the foundation isn't matt enough, eye shadows and blusher and a few other items.

    I may get this foundation but I don't know.

    Sorry I have just realised this post is mostly nonsense. Basically what I meant is your reviews are very useful to me atm while I figure out what I want/need.

    Like 10 year of Avon makeup and cheapies worked but now I am getting uglier (no joke). I need better makeup.

    Errr this reads like I am special or don't speak english very well....

  2. @Georgia - Haha the last little bit made me laugh, don't worry I always have a little ramble in comments. You should go pick up a few samples if you have a local Debenhams! I was thinking of doing a bunch of reviews on all my foundations aswell as I seem to have about 20 laying around ranging from Maybelline, Max Factor to Dior and Benefit, might be helpful to you?
    Also to answer your question on my other post I just e-mailed Sigma using the contact information on their website and they offered to send me a brush :) x

  3. Thats amazing I will message them and ask if I can do a review since I fancy myself a new brush lol.

    I currently live in Aberdeen for uni and I swear it is the shittest place on earth. Even the Debenhams is hopeless. I want mac I think but obviously Aberdeen doesn't have a decent place to get mac makeup and I don't want to buy online without testing the colours.

    I will wait for my loan and go on a mission (like massive mission to Glasgow) to check out a good debenhams with decent makeup stalls.

    :) thanks


  4. I never think to ask for samples! I really want to try matte lumiere!
    Can't wait to read the review :)
    - beth x

  5. Hey, do tell us what you think of this foundation and your others too :) xoxo

  6. I have the mat lumiere and it is AMAZING! it works for me well, the lady recommeded the mat lumiere for me as i have combination skin the coverage is quite good and lasts all day on me, i want to try the pro lumeire too as the mat one is amazing, let us know how you get on! :)


  7. @Beth - I never think to ask for samples either! It wasn't until the girl I was with told me to go ask for one that I sheeply requested some samples! haha xx

    @Ellie - I'll do a post about some of my foundations tommmorow :) xx

    @Adele - I was tempted to get the mat lumiere instead of the pro because I have combination skin too, you've just convinced me! lol xx


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