Monday, 15 November 2010

Accessorize Baked Blush in Pretty Pink

My local Superdrug finally got around to stocking up on Accessorize cosmetics so I had a little browse around today...a few pieces caught my eye such as the liquid highlighter, the lightest shade of their bronzer, a few nail polishes and their mascara but I resisted and just ended up with the one baked blusher in shade 3 'pretty pink'.

The blush itself is shimmery with purple veins running through it and looks lovelyyy! It acts as both a blush and highlight in one and retail for only £5, far cheaper than the easily compareable Mac Mineralize blushes which will set you back £17.00 for just 3.5 grams.

Have any of you girls tried and tested the Accessorize make up range yet.. ?

8 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. Can wait to get my hands on some of these, I was contemplating whether to buy some online but I think I'll just wait untill I go shopping xx

  2. i got starlet blush but i really want this one too!got a few polishes and mascara too, some pics on my blog if you would like a look

  3. @Abbie - Yeah it's definately worth waiting, I was debating putting in an order online but it's so much better seeing all the products in-store and being able to swatch them beforehand! xx

    @DebDobDoorNob - It really is lovely :) I'm impressed, not bad for only £5 xx

    @Blusherobsession - I'll definately go and take a look at your blog :) x

  4. yup the mascara packaging is lovely, i have a serious leopard print obsession at the moment anyway!and i really like what it actually does too. wish i had a bit more cash so i could get pretty pink and a few eyeshadows that look gorgeous!

  5. It's lovely, I like these butterflies.

  6. Thank you for following, your blog is amazing too! Looking forward to more posts! This blush really does remind me of the mac one that was reliesed a couple of months ago!
    Great buy :)

  7. so annoying, my local superdrug has zero blushes, 4 testers but none for sale.xx


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