Saturday, 27 November 2010

Phil Smith Hair Products

At the start of the the week I recieved a lovely package from the people over at Phil Smith with some hair goodies inside. I've had a good play about with these and had my mum try them out on her super frizzy locks and here is what we thought..

Super Straight Glossy Locks Shampoo & Super Straight Oh So Smooth Conditioner:

I love the packaging, it would definately catch my eye in a shop display and it's all completely secure (no nasty dirty caps!). Both the shampoo and conditioner have a really lovely light fruity scent and retail for £3.99 each.
The shampoo comes out transparent, lathers really well and left my hair feeling squeaky clean. The conditioner felt light but nourishing at the same time and left my hair incredibly soft, I have very long fine hair but lots of it so when products are really rich they tend to drag my hair down and these didn't. I wasn't left with plastic feeling hair and it kept my hair feeling fresh and clean for a good few days.

S.O.S Daily Defence Straightenin
g Mist:
This doubles up as a product to help straighten the hair and as a heat defence which is always a plus! This also has a light fruity scent and comes out in a controllable light mist that allows you to distribute the product easily. It can also be used on wet or dry hair but doesn't feel as if you have any product in your locks. My mum straightens her hair most days and she said this sped up the process and made her feel as if she was doing her hair some good.

Super Straight Leave Me Sleek Serum:
This comes in a cute little bottle with a pump to control how much product you dispense. You only need a pea sized amount to cover the majority of your hair and this really helped control the flyaways at the ends and by my fringe. When you rub the product into your hands it feels almost like an oil but it didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or oily which other serums have before.

Xtravagant Hairspray:
This comes in a huge can and was probably the one I was most apprehensive about.
I hate hairspray.
No matter which kind I've brought in the past even if it claimed to leave your hair 'flexible and light' has left my hair feeling hard, crispy and dry looking. I'm also allergic to most perfumes and hairsprays, in particular the classic 'hairspray scent' within minutes gives me a migrane and leaves me feeling sick.. But, suprisingly I ended up liking this, alot. It has a fruity light melon/tropical/coconut scent which is gorgeous! It comes out in a very fine mist and a light spritz of this holds up my b
ackcombing and allows me to be comb free all day!

Overall, I'm very impressed and I've just ordered some other products which I'll pop a review up of once I get them!
The majority of the Phil Smith products retail for just £3.99 and are available from Superdrug (where they're currently on discount) or KmiClub. They offer so many other products such as dry shampoos, volumising products, curl enhancers etc. So feel free to check them out!

Sainsbury Phil Smith

KmiClub Phil Smith

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  1. I love the look and the colours of the packaging, they definitely stand out to me. I'll deffo give the hairspray a go. Tanks for the review :) x

  2. ohh want to try them :) great post love hair things :)xx

  3. @Steph - The hairspray's definately worth trying out I really love it! xx

    @Laura's Blog - Thanks :) they're really good products I was suprised at how cheap they are aswell! xx

  4. I've always wanted to try waxing, I'm just scared! Great post xx


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