Sunday, 28 November 2010

Battle of the Liquid Liners

Here I have my four current favourite liquid eyeliners:

  • Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner in Brown, £5.29
  • Bourjois 16 Hour Liner in Black, around £6/7
  • Loreal Super Liner in Carbon Black, £6.19
  • Prestige Liquid Liner in Black, £5.99

Both the Rimmel and Prestige liner have the classic short tip felt brush which I find pretty easy to use apart from controlling the thickness of the line which takes a bit of practice, they also offer a matte finish unlike Loreal Super Liner which dries to a more glossy finish. Click Here for my full review on the Loreal Super Liner which includes a picture of the applicator and what you can achieve with it.

The newest find in my hunt for liquid liner perfection was the Borjois Liquid Liner, the applicator is very thin and small but it's made up of little hairs instead of a felt style brush which makes it more difficult to control the shape of your flick. As you can see below after vigorous rubbing the Loreal Super Liner didn't fare very well, this is pretty standard for this eyeliner as it will usually need a touch up throughout the day. Both the Rimmel and Prestige liner held up quite well, with slight smugding but the best by far was the Borjois Liquid Liner which would be perfect if it wasn't for the brush!

Overall I'd say if you're a liner newbie then Loreal Super Liner is the one for you due to the applicator and lovely glossy finish.
If you're looking for something small to chuck in your bag that works well check out Rimmel or Prestige.
And if you're looking for the liner that will last all day Bourjois 16hour Liner is for you.. if you don't mind the slightly annoying brush!

7 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. n'aw i was going to pick up the superliner after reading your review ages ago! i wish i didn't leave it at the till now:'( aha(: lovely reviews!xx

  2. Im looking for a new liquid liner at the mo and didnt know what one to pick up! thanks for your review! :) x

  3. I'm not a liquid eyeliner girl. I find it extremely difficult and I always end up messing it up, so I stick to my pencil and gel liners :)

  4. I love liquid eyeliner (only recently if I'm honest) I currently use elf's liquid eyeliner but may check these out after pay day :)


  5. i think i've only tried the bad quality liguid liners :( so i stick to eyeliner pens/markers. i love those things ^_^ i want to try the boujois, 16 hrs sounds amazing! by the way, lisa, you've probably been tagged for this already but i tagged you for the "one lovely blog award" ^_^

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  7. I can not believe the difference of price between the super liner by L'oréal. It's about 15€ in Belgium, which is insane for a drugstore liner! I'm disgusted LOL


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