Friday, 12 November 2010

Blog Name Inspiration

Back when I opened up my blog I really struggled with creating a name for it. After thinking up several terrible options I decided to leave it until another day.

The next morning when I was applying my make-up I came across this chucked away in one of my draws, saw the name and thought it appropriate seeing as I'd just fallen back in love with this and I am also obsessed with having a 'faux golden glow'.

Thanks Natural Collection!

Where did the inspiration for your blog name come from?

9 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. hehe love this post! natural collection bronzers arent bad haha:) well mine is just irene and a blog.. haha, how uncreative. but it just simply represents me and my blog :)
    although at one point i'm sure it was called 'IRENE:D' haha :)

  2. Love it :D Woo natural collection x

  3. oh very cute! I love little stories like this! :]
    My blog is named after a song by David Bowie called "oh you pretty things"
    Hence Pretty Things Blog!

  4. oh cute story! Your blog is named after a beautiful colored bronzer (:

  5. wow thats cool! my blog name was a spur of the moment thing, i hate concentrated orange juice, so i named by blog not from concentrate, it also ties in the fact that my posts aren't superficial? if you know what i mean :) xx

  6. i always wondered how you came up with ur name! such a cute story and great way of coming up with a name =) xx

  7. This is such a cute post...I love the name of your blog too :) Mine came from realizing how all of the money I make goes towards makeup, lol. xx

  8. Thats a cute story! For mine I knew I wanted it to do something with Audrey I started looking at the names of the movies she had stared in. FunnyFace stuck out at me.

  9. LOL You don't even wanna know how I came up with mine..


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