Thursday, 18 November 2010

Illamasqua Concealer Review

Price: £12.50
Available: Here
Product Quality: 3/5

Packaging 5/5

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Simple chic packaging, secure and even has it's own little mirror
  • Creamy and easy to blend once warmed
  • Covers what you need it to
  • Works well under the eyes
  • Expensive for the amount you're given
  • You really have to warm up the product before it comes creamy and easy to work with, at first touch in the pan it's hard and quite difficult to pick up product especially with a brush
  • Cakes up around the nose and on blemishes if you apply too much and doesn't last very long in these areas.
Overall, it does make a difference as you can see from the photos and I'm going to continue using it purely as an undereye concealer but I'll definately be moving on to try out Bobbi Brown and Mac next time!

P.s! Sorry about the au natural brows and naked eyelashes haha

5 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. Thanks so much for the advice!
    You have beautiful eyes, darling,
    Which one do you recommend from MAC or Bobbi Brown?

  2. this concealer looks so good! i've been looking for a new one for under the eyes as nothing i have at the moment seems to be that great. this has such a great effect! thanks for the review xx

  3. It looks amazing under your eyes but if it doesn't last long then I can see why you wouldn't repurchase...but yes like Catanya said, what MAC one would you recommend? I'm considering making my first MAC purchase ahaha xx

  4. @Catanya - Thank You! :) I've tried the Mac Studio Sculpt concealer and really liked that, I think Bobbi Brown's the next on my list to test out some people have said it's similar to the Illamasqua concealer though because it's so creamy it just slips right off! xx

    @SiSi - You're welcome :) xx

    @*StarsGlitterMagic* - I'd definately suggest it for under the eyes it's really effective and looks natural :) xx

    @Dani - It could just be due to be horribe oily skin it might be okay for people with dry/normal.. I really liked the Mac Studio Sculpt if you have a counter near you it's definately worth going in and having a little fiddle about with the products and you can be colour matched too xx


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