Friday, 5 November 2010

New Sigma HD Brushes

Price: $16.00 each, or the set of 3 for $42.00
Quality: 5/5
Available: Here
Would I recommend? Definately! Products came well packaged an
d live up to all expectations.

Some of you may of heard a
bout the release of the three newest Sigma brushes, the F80, F82 and F84. All are made with Synthetic Sigmax HD filament and retail at $16/£10 or $42/£26 for all three.

These brushes have been developed to give you the ultmate airbrush finish when applying liquid, cream or powder products and personally, I think Sigma have suceeded in their quest!

The first thing you will notice about the F82 and F84 is how incredibly soft and fluffy they are. Th
e F80, flat top Kabuki I now use for powder and stippling on Fix +. The F82 - Round Top Kabuki, is the most dense from the three brushes and therefore when used with foundations will allow you to build up a full coverage incredibly easily, which I love! The F84 is angled and less dence making it perfect for popping on a hint of blusher - whether it be cream or powder - or contouring bronzer on to your temples and chiselling non-existant cheekbones!

When it comes to shedding of the brushes I have given both a vigorous wash and only discovered one sneaky hair
when I dried them both off. I'm aware a few people have had difficulties getting their brushes 100% clean, however I've never had an issue. I would suggest soaking the tip of your brush for a minute or two, then using a reliable brush cleanser or as I do, a clarifying shampoo and making sure you lather well and rinse thoroughly. Reshape then leave to air dry over night!

Everyone previously compared Sigma to Mac brushes and commented on how well they have manged to duplicate well-known favourites for a far lower price.. Now, I think people will notice that Sigma has branched out and created items that people will hold in a class of their own as they are creating innovitave fresh products into the cosmetic brush market. These three new additions to Sigmas collection are a true triumpth and I have no doubts that anyone else investing in these beauties will
ove them too!

10 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. Really want to try sigma. May invest if I get money ever haha. Xxx

  2. @Georgia - I think a note left out for your boyfriend to catch sight of and buy as a christmas gift is the way forward! haha that's the technique i'm using with my boyfriend now! I'm definately going to include the F82 Round Top Kabuki in my Christmas Giveaway prizes, new favourite for sure! x

  3. These look amazing hun and i'm so tempted to buy.. How big/long are the handles on them? Approx?

    How much was it in total for shipping and the set of 3? x

  4. @Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum - The handles are 5 inches, black part is 3 and the silver is 2. :)

    All together for the 3 brushes and First Class shipping, which arrived in 4 days for me it's $51.04 which is just under £32.00

    It's worth having a look on peoples blog to see if they have a section about Sigma in their sidebar because if you spend over $30 they send you a free gift :) xx <- Found one, sorry for the essay reply haha! x

  5. Laura- The end of the brush to the ferrule is approximately 3 1/4" long. From the end of the brush to the top of the bristles, the brush measures 6 1/4".

  6. I really like these...I think I might gonna give them a try =)

  7. i want these sooo bad!!! definitly going to be my next buy!! xx

  8. I brought a sigma brush before, had it for a very long time, however it broke :(

    Might have to buy some more

    they were SUCH great quality

  9. Thanks for all your help ladies! Think i'm going to purhase asap, they look amazing.. I've been loving the Elf flat topped powder brush for my foundation but this looks like it would do an even better job at the airbrushing effect!

    Thanks for posting sweetie! xx

  10. great post hun! i recently got the flat top one and love it!! so so soft and i havent had a hair shed yet!x


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