Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dream Matte Powder : Review

Product: Dream Matte Powder in Golden Beige
Packaging: 4/5

Product Quality: 4/5
Price: £6.99
Available: Here

What they claim: To offer a matte perfect, natural looking finish with an air soft feel on the skin.

What I think:

I picked this up in Superdrug the other da
y when I realised I'd finally hit pan on my Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural. I wanted something that would mattify my oily t-zone while leaving a light feeling and no cakeyness. I'm not sure if it applies to everwhere but both my Boots and Superdrug only had a limited 4 colour section which was disappointing however you only need a small amount so the colour doesn't really transfer. It does the job and holds my make-up together for a good 4/5 hours before I need a little touch up. It also comes with a twist out mirror and a powder puff which makes the packaging a little decieving, at first I thought it was quite a large amount of product inside when in reality most space is taken up from the add on's. I do appreciate a mirror in products though so I can't complain, especially since this was only £6.99. It lives up to its claims of mattifying while feeling weightless and giving a natural finish to the skin, however I don't think anything will take the place of my beloved MSF Natural. For £6.99 though, I can't complain!

3 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. i love this powder and i picked up one the other day and noticed there were only 4 shades... im sure it didn't use to be like that? lol xoxo

  2. Love this powder , my favorite..but I haven't tried MAC

  3. @natalielinsay - When I was debating purchasing it a few months ago there were plenty of other colours, another blogger posted a review up on this too and said they were 'filtering out uneccessary shades' not sure if that's true, bit odd! x

    @spifftiff88 - This one compares pretty well! I'm just ultimately picky with powder and the MSF Natural is the lightest powder I've found that keeps shine away and makes your skin look luminous aswell. £18 is a pretty hefty price tag for just a powder though! x


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